1. Ahmed Waleed

    Very nice article thank you. But i have one question you are dumping db structure into sql file is it because migrating database from dumped file is faster then migrating from laravel migration classes ?

    • Yes, when running Dusk you need to use database migrations (cannot use database transactions) what means each time before single test all migrations are run. In my solution only single migration is run that just loads dump to database using DB::unprepared what is much quicker when you have more migrations

  2. cristi mocean

    I’m getting PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1 near “unsigned”: syntax error

    Any idea why ?

      • cristi mocean

        That was exactly it, thanks a lot !
        I misunderstood how I’m supposed to use your lib. I assumed it’s fine if I use sqlite even though the dump is MySQL .

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